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Sewing with Kids

Why Should I Teach My Kids to Sew?

.Sewing has changed over the years.  There was a time in recent history when people crafted their own clothing, knitted their own blankets, made their own decorations and cooked their own food out of necessity.  They really had no choice.

Over time, it was no longer a necessity.  All of these things were available in stores and restaurants, but many women chose to work extra hard to save money and provide well for their families.

Today... Let's face it, clothes and home goods are often sold cheaper than we can make them and there is a $5 pizza deal on every corner.

Making things on our own isn't always economical or necessary any more, but usually more of a creative, artistic outlet.  When it comes to teaching kids to sew, knit, cook, quilt, etc., there are many benefits:

- Perseverance - Sticking with a project from start to finish requires much more patience and perseverance than most other things kids are involved in today.  There is no "start a new game" button.

- Hand/Eye Coordination - Video games do actually help with this as well, but knitting and sewing develop hand/eye coordination without all of the other baggage that comes with video games.

- Feeling of Accomplishment - Starting with almost nothing and turning it into something useful and/or beautiful gives a God-given feeling of satisfaction and a realistic confidence.  The trend on sports teams today is to give everyone the same trophy, regardless of effort or accomplishment.  Hand crafts couldn't be more opposite.  Kids will quickly learn Real Life:

     - The results they are looking for require hard work.
     - They may very well work hard and still not have the results they want.
     - They will NEVER have the results they want if they do not work hard!

- ADD/ADHD Repellent - Okay not really.  I'm not a doctor.  But think of all of the difficulties kids who have been diagnosed with ADD struggle with:  Can't control themselves, can't sit still, have no patience, don't want to play by the rules, don't seem to understand consequences.  Well, many of our habits and entertainment today feed those behavioral characteristics.  If you teach kids to knit or sew, they have to follow the rules and will see immediate results.  They have to steadily control both hands.  They have to exercise patience and perseverance.  Knitting is very calming as well.  Although knitting won't turn anyone into a perfect person, it does develop and exercise areas many of us are lacking today.

- Artistic Expression - Drawing, painting, and music may be what come to mind when you think of art, but quilting, knitting, sewing, decorating, and cooking are all beautiful artistic expressions as well.

Although there are a lot of great reasons to learn hand crafts and to teach them to our children, they are no longer necessary in today's society.  Because we are not under the stress of having to clothe the entire family, this is really the greatest time of all to express ourselves artistically and create the things we love!