In the navigation above are things that I recommend for a few reasons.  One is that these are things that we use and like, so I think you might like them as well.  A second reason is that it's just so convenient when I am talking about something on this blog and you can just click on it and go straight to amazon to get more details.  And the third reason is that it is my desire that the Hearts at Home Club will always be free of charge.  It is getting increasingly difficult as the club grows, so the next plan was to become an Amazon Affiliate.  I have not made much so far, but I love the concept.  It's convenient for all of us, the prices I show you are often much better than our local fabric/sewing shop, and Amazon gets the sales and pays their fee for that, which I hope one day will ensure that money never has to be an issue when these girls want to learn to sew.  Really - EVERYONE WINS!  So I hope that this helps you and that you can shop here and help this ministry.  Thank you! ~Peggy

Hearts at Home