The Hearts @ Home Club is dedicated to helping the younger generations do the things they could easily pay someone else to do for them and make the things they could easily buy - only better.  

I am a mom of eleven; seven girls and four boys.  I know that we need to study our Bibles and our math and science, but have often put things like sewing on the back burner.  However, in today's society, virtually all down-time is unproductive time.  My goal is to help kids realize how much more rewarding it is to create things than it is to take selfies.

The Hearts @ Home Club is my ministry.  I love teaching the girls and my hope and desire is that I will always be able to offer our classes without cost.  The purpose of the on-line presence is to provide the girls in the club with written instructions for the projects we have made in class and maybe some we haven't had time for.  I also hope that we can give ideas and instruction to others who are not in our club.  If it does prove to be helpful to others, then maybe - just maybe - advertising income could one day fund the Hearts @ Home Club.  We shall see.  

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